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Optimizing customer experience with payment presentment

Published by: PayPal

Customer experience isn't just a buzzword. It's a differentiator. With 2.041 billion digital global buyers1 today, there has never been a better opportunity to increase online sales.
But despite the rise of digital buyers, e-commerce conversion is only 2.72% across the industry. The average conversion rate for desktop is 4%, which drops to 3.5% on tablet and just 1.8% on mobile.
Research has found that 80% of shoppers stop transacting on sites with a poor experience4, while the abandonment rate worldwide is 69.80%, and 47% of customers trust a seller with a good payments process.
With great challenges come great opportunity. But this challenge is far-reaching: to get ahead of your competitors, to win new customers and at the same time to motivate existing ones to come back. The question is: how? The answer lies in the payment method. For
example, 37% of buyers in Germany are more likely to trust a seller if they offer a smooth payment process, and 48% are more likely to return to a retailer with a good payment experience.
As the last step in the e-commerce process, payments can too easilydefine the perception of your customer experience.
In this eBook, PayPal will cover specific tactics on how to help improve e-commerce flows with payment presentment. These strategies can remove barriers to purchase, help increase sales, and above all create a more positive customer experience.

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